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Creating A More Inclusive Space For Minority Races In Local Faith-based Communities

Casual racism towards minority races is a prevalent but often overlooked issue in the predominately Chinese-majority churches. As part of their participation in Micah-thon 2021, a “hackathon” organised by Micah Singapore to tackle real-life challenges faced by local churches and ministries, Rhindon conducted user research with Christians from minority races to understand what affected and propose how we could create a more inclusive space and community for minority races.

Our Approach

We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with ministry leaders and congregation members from minority races on any challenges that they may face in relation to racial prejudices within churches. We have also compared the findings with nationwide academic research on similar topics ensure consistency of research outcome.

Our Value

Our experience in dealing with sensitive social issues allow us to build trust and conduct user research quickly in order to extract insights in a relative short time. Our interviewees expressed appreciation for the empathy shown to them during the research, with useful insights developed and shared with the wider Christianity circle for further implementation of measures that allows inclusivity and unity amongst members of all ethnicity and cultural background.

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