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Documenting the Stories & Discovering the Needs of Heritage Businesses at Kampong Gelam

With an innovative spin, Rhindon adopted a narrative planning approach in extracting valuable user insights through a heritage business stories mapping project for National Heritage Board. By storytelling, the project aims to understand the current needs and challenges faced by heritage businesses in Kampong Gelam and to inform various government agencies as part of their plans and policy formulation for the future sustainability of the precinct.

Our Approach

The team has conducted several alignment workshops with internal and external stakeholders to set the project goals and strategies and highlight important challenges heritage businesses and other stakeholders face in the precinct in Kampong Gelam. In addition, by training and coaching NHB’s volunteers throughout the user research and sense-making process with a collaborative, the project team further processed all research data and translated all the user insights into a series of design opportunities for further implementation by various government agencies.

Our Value

Our approach to stakeholder alignment and user research allows great adaptability to cater for the different needs of the client and the dynamics of the stakeholders specifically to Kampong Gelam. With a combination of visioning and alignment workshops with internal and external stakeholders, user interviews, training and coaching in a hybrid format, and sensemaking exercises with a co-creation approach, we partnered with our client to clearly define the project KPIs, manage complex stakeholder scenarios to ensure a smooth running of the project, and to extract valuable user insights for meaningful solutions.

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