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Prototyping A New Ecosystem To Support Young Adults Going Through A Season Of Transition

One of the big local community organisation in Singapore was in the process of starting a new young adult group to meet the needs of young adults, especially those who were going through life-stage transitions. This included new graduates who have just entered the workforce, new married couples as well as young parents. Facing a wide range of time-strapped young adults covering a large variety of needs, it needed a new approach for the group that would allow it to remain relevant and meaningful to its members. 

Our Approach

We worked with the staff team to speak to young adults at various life stages, uncovering insights on what is important for them. We facilitated ideation and prototyping workshops with multiple stakeholders including ministry leaders and young adults to get buy-in and co-created new models of engagement that integrated online-offline strategies for leadership development, community building and inter-generational mentoring. 

Our Value

The user research insights helped the staff team to uncover multiple pain points and gaps in how they had initially thought about the group. It also provided them with a strategic lens to create a new structure that was able to meet multiple needs of young adults at varying life stages. The team tested their ideas in a Young Adult Festival, which was oversubscribed in 2 weeks involving 600 participants. They were able to use the feedback gained during the event to further refine their plans for the new direction of the young adult group.

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