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Stakeholder-centric Transformation for WGS 3.0 Revitalization

Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) was planning for a series of transformations post-COVID, to continue its relevance in the Geylang Serai precinct. Rhindon was commissioned by the client to conduct a series of focus group discussions (FGDs) with various stakeholder groups in order to generate various insights as the basis for a user-centric transformation of WGS 3.0.

This is followed by a high-level alignment session with the Minister of State (MOS), the Ministries of Home Affairs and National Development, Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim; Mayor of South East District, Mohd Fahmi Aliman; and the team at Wisma Geylang Serai to ensure the vision, objective, potential challenges and solutions were properly understood and aligned before the start of the transformation.

Our Approach

We conducted a series of FGDs involving both adult and youth stakeholders, to understand their experience in the existing WGS from the service and spatial point of views, and how COVID has changed that experience. Followed by a co-creation exercise, we then dived deep into relevant user insights and co-created new possibilities with the core team, including MOS and the Mayor to generate a common vision and implementation plan for WGS 3.0. 

Our Value

Our skills and experience in public engagement and facilitation helps extracting in-depth and unique user insights for MOS, Mayor and the WGS team in understanding their external stakeholders better, so to guide their decision-making for future transformation of the precinct. Our multi-level engagement and alignment sessions have also proven helpful in aligning everyone across the board, and to provide them with clarity in the implementation works.

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