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Understanding The Needs Of Non-residents In Singapore To Drive More Relevant Integration Efforts

A Singapore government agency has commissioned a deep-dive user research into understanding the needs of non-residents in Singapore so that they could better position their integration efforts to meet real needs. Non-residents typically were not aware of the agency’s initiatives and often remained in their small circle of community with little to no motivation to engage with them.

Our Approach

We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with non-residents covering a spectrum of profiles and ages. We used the interview data to form insights that told the story of non-residents in Singapore. These were then developed into broad opportunities for change that the agency brought into their workplan workshop for further development. 

Our Value

We worked with the agency to uncover the different assumptions they were making that prevented their outreach efforts from going to the next level. The insights from the user research helped create a breakthrough in how the agency saw this group of people and guided them to come up with more relevant strategies on the ground. 

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