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Co-creating A Community Space For Migrant Workers That Felt Like A “Home Away From Home”

In order to improve on the service quality for their beneficiaries and to provide a better working environment for their staff, HealthServe commissioned a series of user research and co-creation exercises to allow their beneficiaries and their members of staff to reimagine how their new outpost at Jalan Besar should be.

Our Approach

We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with a few of their beneficiaries of various nationalities, as well as their frontline staff team at Desker Road. We used the interview data to form insights and inform the design and spatial planning of their new centre.

Our Value

The new spatial planning and design of the new centre streamlined the front-end processes for their beneficiaries when they come to the centre to receive various social support. HealthServe’s front-line staff found the new centre a significant improvement in terms of providing adequate privacy and also comfort when they are dealing with cases that need additional support.

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