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Co-designing A Holistic User Experience For Gen Z Youth At A Local Community Organisation

The Youth Group of a local community organisation was going through a period of change and restructuring. Part of the change involved transiting a group of 500 youth into a new structure for more effective mentoring. At the same time, the ministry was experiencing decreasing levels of engagement among their youth and wanted to re-think their programmes using a user-centred design process.

Our Approach

We spent time building Design Thinking capability within the youth group leadership and staff teams and mentored them through the process of needs discovery.  We also coached them on how to create clarity and bring a user-centred perspective to their change management plans, and worked with them to co-create a new journey for youths that emphasised building assurance and creating a sense of safety amidst the transitions.

Our Value

With a clear strategy for engagement and change management, the youth group leadership team was able to align their understanding of the issues and execute the transition with greater confidence and effectiveness. The coaching allowed the team to identify new gaps and pain points of their youth and work more effectively to anticipate and design for future challenges.

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