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Inspiring Public Officers To Connect Better With Citizens By Developing A Citizen-centred Mindset

As part of the Public Service Transformation capabilities, Design Thinking has been identified as one of the baseline competencies that government officers would need to be equipped with. Rhindon worked with the government officers to build capability in the area of Design Thinking so that their officers could connect better with citizens and drive more citizen-centric policy outcomes.

Our Approach

We conducted training via our digital platform to government officers, building their understanding of what design thinking is and how to take a human-centred approach towards policy-making and execution. The training was designed using multiple experiential learning techniques, with a focus on helping officers apply design thinking back in their daily work. We also integrated caching sessions for project teams to reinforce their learning. 

Our Value

Beyond a typical training on understanding what Design Thinking is about, we delivered an experience that focused on key mindset shifts and practical application of concepts into the officers’ daily work. We also coached interested teams post-training on how to frame a meaningful Design Thinking project for a design challenge they had. Participants rated our training as one of the best they had gone for. 

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