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Creating A Home Away from Home to Enhance Rehabilitation at the Girls’ Residence

After moving into a new residence, Methodist Welfare Services wanted to provide a better living environment for the girls staying onsite. A series of user research and co-creation prototyping sessions were conducted to allow the girls to share and imagine what their living space could look like.

Our Approach

We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with the current residents. Concerns of the staff working at the residence were also documented. We used the interview data to form insights that informed the spatial planning and design of the new residence. During the prototyping workshop, LEGO facilitation methods were used for the girls to express their own creativity with their own hands and create their dream residence.

Our Value

The new spatial planning and design of the place took into consideration the needs of the residents whilst working within the existing parameters of a residence. It also introduced better utilization of the space for different needs and activities, both group and individual. By incorporating LEGO facilitation as part of the engagement process, it provided the young residents with a chance to share their stories and enjoy the process as a creative event for them.

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