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Service Design Thinking and Prototyping for Tourism and the Hospitality Industry

As part of the tourism and hotel management curriculum of the EU Business School in Geneva, Rhindon delivered online training on service design thinking and prototyping to Korean students inside the DPRK and overseas, including university lecturers at the Pyongyang University.

Our Approach

By understanding the contextual needs of our audience and the diversity of their language levels, we were able to tailor-make a design thinking syllabus for the EU Business School that was easily digestible with actionable outcomes. We customized our digital engagement to our audience so that there was an easy way for them to share their thoughts and conduct meaningful and effective group exercises despite certain limitations.

Our Value

We have successfully pioneered and piloted an approach to teaching Design Thinking in a culturally different setting with students all over the continent. It was also a ground-breaking engagement with the Pyongyang University lecturers and students for real-time interactive training and exchange.

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